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Esculpta. Seeking new talented photographers and models

Esculpta is in search of fresh and dynamic talent. If you think you have what it takesRead More


New luxury cock ring launch. Venom: the "dangerous" penis jewel

Prepare your elixirs, and button up your boxers. Our new cock ring Venom has just launched and will be biting men in your neighborhood soon.Read More


Hate entertaining the postman with your new exotic cock ring arrival?

So your dazzling new cock ring has finally arrived in the mail and you're asked to sign for it...Read More


5 reasons every man should own a jewelled cock ring.

Lots of people that have never worn a cock ring ask us what 'the big deal' is. As a pioneer since 2004, we service men like you who are exhilarated by refined pleasures that are worth being memorable. Whether you entrust us for your...Read More


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The Eclipse bracelet

38,00 €

Eclipses are astrologically nature's wildcard. They unroot us, surprise us and get us moving dynamically. This...

JockRing OMEN - Crystal Clear

129,00 €

A clear vision helps to understand a gentleman's intentions. But how often is a little added boldness required to get...

JockRing OMEN - Shiraz Red

129,00 €

Serving temperatures may vary when it comes to indulging in a fine glass of wine but JockRing with Shiraz-Red...

JockRing OMEN - Imperial Blue

129,00 €

Encounter an air of class by spoiling yourself into this lavish sterling silver toy. Dip into this unmatched...

JockRing OMEN - British Racing Green

129,00 €

Whether you're racing for leisure or for victory, its always good to be well-equipped with a sparkling vehicle....

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