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esculpta began in 2003 by Greek jewelry designer Nikias, with a desire to promote artists that define their own aesthetic views and principles and that were ready to pass beyond the currently existing narrow conservative boundaries of expression in quality-made jewelry. This vision came with quite a revolutionary sensual view on the ultimate question 'what is jewelry' and the need to explore and redefine the primal underlying attraction of man to this archetypal desire.

The experimentally setup studio in Athens quickly found its place in the hearts of passionate enthusiasts worldwide via esculpta.com and is now one of the pioneers in  intimately aesthetic jewelry for men.  In 2011 esculpta started its first North American head-office in the San-Francisco USA to have a closer presence with its customer base in the USA and Canada. Most global operations continue to be run from Greece where the founder lives and still designs for the brand.

The creators of esculpta are independent from creating designs for mass production and continue to develop their work imaginatively and creatively.promoting select works art that are created in limited quantities. The creations showcased on this website are enjoyed in 37 countries on 4 continents and are also further distributed by number of  associates worldwide.


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While the world is becoming more complex and individuality has become more fragile, esculpta maintains that is more important than ever for humanity to maintain its most valuable assets such as innocence, beauty and a long-lost simplicity. Such clarity of mind is reflected daily, in the articles that we select to live with.

There is currently an abundance of objects around us that are simply imposed on us. Defining our life via expression requires that on a daily basis we have to 'filter out' clutter which is the bi-product of most fast moving paces of life. These days 'throwing things out' has become an element of our culture just as important as collecting things that we truly desire!

We believe that in a time of clutter, its an artists commitment to discovering the truth that has the artistic embrace to talk to our inner passions that really matter and have effect. Our designers suggest a distinct and unique range of hand crafted art-works that have been created by a community of talented artists and designers with a passion for Mediterranean and for the ancient wisdom of simplicity. Artists that are showcased in our online gallery are brought together by their common love towards form and artistic lifestyles of independent expression and their true passion for jewelry as a fundamental form of expression.





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Nikias was born in 1978 and is a fourth generation silver-smith. He was born in England and has a British education with a BSc in Management from the University of London. He designed his first piece of jewelry when he was 12 years old in his uncle's work-shop. Since 1999 he has been a jewelery retailer and micro-sculptor. His work has participated in a number of trade exhibitions, art exhibitions and fashion shows in Greece and Cyprus. His next next large project is a collaboration with fashion designers and cosmeticists the development of a range of sensual male accessories.

Esculpta jewellery designer Nikias"Some of my fondest and most vivid childhood memories are of summers spent in Greece under the strong island sun and amidst ancient ruins and olive groves. The impression that enchanted me the most and were forever imprinted in my mind from this scenery was light everywhere and the effect of light upon form. The solid and fluid ancient monumental and sculptural imagery as well as the games played by the blessed mediterranean sunlight have acted to me as forms for endless inspiration for jewelry and sculpture".

My passion for jewelry is found in the primal and instinct that man uses to discover himself spiritually and express himself upon his most precious physical asset - his body. They say that in the inventing of the wheel (the major turning point for human evolution) the object was intended as a necklace long before it was used as a tool. It is evident that the inner need for expression and playfulness with jewelry is as ancient and as human culture itself. It is fair to say that our relationship with jewelry goes deeper than meets the eye as in other consumer needs. All cultures throughout humanity have indulged in this repetitive spiritual ritual - It is almost as if decoratng ones body helps to feed ones soul or to express deep inner passions or desires that are common throughout the mankind. I find this fascinating and I enjoy working hard taking on the challenge portrayed by these concepts. Another concept that is compelling is the commonly heard metaphysical approach, it is believed that jewelry made from some metals and particularly silver can be 'energy charged' to become 'capsules' of their owners wearers individual's energy.

I love the natural ageing of silver that occurs by its natural oxidating properties. This is why I believe that silver becomes more beautiful over time. I see it as a form of clay which needs to be worked and disciplined before it 'rewards' you from its form's consistency. And that feeling of reward when an item has been created is truly sensational!

I believe that our fast pace of life and the progress of technology have created an imbalance that has forced us to neglect our relationship with our primal nature. Instead of accepting the seriousness, pace and stress of modern life, perhaps we can chose to retain our playfulness and focus more on our real needs... the feeding our senses, and the celebration of our primal desires!




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