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The forms collection is an elegant selection of jewelry inspired by minimalist simplicity of form. It is arrived at via creative reduction to the essential lines and shapes and removal of excess. In this collection - form itself is the primary substance; and attraction to it comes not from the display of any excessive details but from the principal association with our inate memories of recurring patterns in our multiple dimensions of existence.

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  • $94.50

    Aether according to alchemists was the fifth and essential element of life force. The other 4 as the Greek philosopher-mathematician Empedocles (c. 450 BCE) who first established the system of the four primary elements, fire, air, water and earth.

  • $148.50

    The definity bracelet has uniquely designed jewelry mechanics and is size adjustable. Inspired by simplicity of form in stylized character to perfectly fit the male wrist with a unique customized-fit characteristic.

  • $54.00

    The wishbone pendant is Esculpta's original pendant design that has been copied most internationally since over 15 years ago when it was released. We take copyright quite seriously, but when a design becomes a symbol of hope and expression of a generation, it is hard to hold it back and put tags on it. After all they say that imitation is the sincerest...

  • $61.42 $74.00
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    In the spirit of fencing, a noble sport, if a fencer concedes a hit when no hit was actually made, the fencer's adversary would say, "pas de touche". Only a romantic would notice the underlined chivalry. This thick concave 'droplet' of silver is inspired by being touched.

  • $199.00 $238.00
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    An extremely complex yet seemingly simple classpless design which can take most people a while to figure out even hands on! The curvature and dynamics of the design utilize their materials' properties collectively and organically. 

  • $98.50

    Sterling silver pendant with adjustable slide knots. Little needs to be said about the significance or symbolism of angels, We hope that this piece captures the essence of freedom in the spirit of it's wearers.

  • $75.00

    Delicate yet robust, this two-piece synthesis of solid sterling silver parts is dedicated to the messenger god Hermes. Bearer of news and things to come. The stylized form embodies the harmonized dynamics of change.

  • $89.80

    Inspired by the unconditional love that many of us were lucky enough to experience as children and that we choose to remember as adults. 'Suspended youth' sculpture may look a little like an emoticon come pendant, however its childish appeal is not altogether coincidental. Our innocence and playfulness are frequently overshadowed by role playing in the...

Showing 1 - 8 of 12 items


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