Fixed size cock rings come size specific when you know your fit. Prior experience with common cock rings helps a lot in choosing the fixed size cockring that is just right for you. Cock-rings are normally measured by the internal diameter (measuring across the inner center of the ring - the part that will directly encircle your penis and scrotum...

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  • 115,00 €

    The definitive sterling silver piece of body jewelry for the straight or gay man-that-has-it-all. 'Le Cock Ring' has been named the "King of body jewelry" for its superb aesthetics, quality and design. A bizarre piece of jewelry for your lunch-box. Has it been a while since you spoiled yourself to something truly unique? Unleash the lions!

  • 2 490,00 €

    If you thought that all lush high end jewelry can be paraded on Oscar-night-flamboyance then think again! This is perhaps the cock-ring that Louis XVI and Liberace would envy the most.  This item has been commissioned to us in 18K gold and several stone variations by special clients of esculpta.

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