Le Cock Ring 4
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le cock ring 4. Silver male accessory designed for luxury and comfort

Le 'Cock Ring 4' is an innovation from esculpta's best seller  'Le Cock Ring II'  featuring colored earth elements as found in several types of precious minerals and in the designs of ancient Hellenistic and Byzantine jewelry.  Every single ring is hand-made and hand-riveted with sculpted sterling silver and durable black rubber

'Le Cock Ring 4' comes in several stone variations, please view descriptions and drop down menu.

The advantage of this special intimate jewel is that it is smartly designed to be adjustable to a perfect fit without the hassle of measuring up or even knowing your size. This also gives the liberty of knowing that it will definitely fit your boyfriend if you order one as a gift.

Le cockring maroon coral Hand made male body jewelry by esculpta


Esculpta Photography - Le Cockring 4 - Intimate jewelry for men

Completely hand made only in limited quantities for ESCULPTA. Has it been a while since you spoiled yourself to something truly unique?



Completely hand made only in limited quantities for ESCULPTA. Has it been a while since you spoiled yourself to something truly unique?








ancient jewelry for male pleasure, erection ring, cock-rings of acclaimed quality by esculpta


le cockring 4 by esculpta male model close-up picture








A little more about this design
'Le cock ring 4' is inspired from Hellenistic jewelry which is attributed to the ancient Greek and Trojan civilization but also later in Byzantine jewelry-making. Items of jewelry with similar aesthetics and technique usually worn by people of high social stature and have been discovered in tombs of kings and queens both in silver and gold. The specific technique of embedding a precious bead within the ends of a necklace or bracelet was used in ancient Greece usually with vibrant semi-pecious stones such as Lapis Lazuli and amber.





 The innovated version of this Hellenistic Lapis jewelry came about with 3 factors in mind (the same concepts for which our older C-ring designs have been great successes)....






le cock ring 4 oyster-orange coral, precious jewelry for male pleasure


1) comfort, 2) ease of wearing and removing 3) combining the two factors above with the strength & durability of contemporary materials such as neoprene (which we also love aesthetically!) This new version combines all the above with the ease of sizing and adjusting!








Silver penis-ring le cock ring 4 by Esculpta. Sexy jewelry for gay and straight men with an erotic imagination


 one size fits all!


Black like caviar, this cock-ring offers the ultimate sensation of male manifest in contemporary body jewelry


 Anello del pene, Anello fallico, anneau du pénis, piece de resistance, erotic jewelry


advantages of this item

We've made it hard to go wrong with size as one size fits all

This item is designed to by fully size adjustable!

So there's no need to measure up, or ruin the surprise if its a gift!



Passion and aesthetics are universal! Esculpta jewellery celebrates individuality and the erotic nature and playfulness in all men gay or straight. 







Gay or straight? Esculpta jewley celebrates individuality come out and play with le cock ring 4


Were you thinking of offering this original item as gift?

'Le cockring 4' will make the perfect gift even if he is hard to impress. With this special one-size-fits most design, he won't have to catch you measuring him up in his sleep! "Once again, on his birthday don't get him a mug, unless you just want him to make you coffee...". 'Le cock ring 4' will arrive in a discrete regular package and in smart black suede gift pouch ready to give to the man who has (almost) everything!








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