"Matter of Time". Sterling silver pendant

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Blurbs by the creator on this piece:

This piece was a very slow one to design because it was radically new on multiple levels. The concept and sketches started in June 2008 or earlier. Intial modelling started in August 2008. It was finalized in mid-January. There were numerous issues and questions posed as this piece contained new realm of considerations in designing. (I have always been hesitant to use stones for the sake of decorating a piece and a way needed to be devised in which the stone was thus not decorative but essencial to the structure of the form). The stone was simply not enough as a bead, passed through the, no I was masochistically trying to take everything a little further.

If a stone was to be "enclosed" in my precious-metal structure, then it would have "at least be given the space to move freely". Working on the designs I saw it was possible to create a free axis for a sphere to rotate around itself freely on a 360 basis. Joints in bone structures were useful in research. The design thus evolved into a center-piece of an encapsuled gem which freely "slithers" and rotates within a silver "droplet".

Inspiration: Alot has been said about planet Nibiru or planet-X in 2012 and other major cosmic events taking place in our lifetime. Stories like this and particularly cosmic asterological events seem to me to be a sign of our age. This 'age' was the primary influence for the design at the time of developing the initial drawings. However the name, "MATTER of TIME" occurred as intuitively as the design developed. From Einstein's description of the 4th dimension (time) I've always thought as time as the trail that the earth leaves behind it (if you could imagine a tail as the past) as it revolves and spins in forward direction. The silver 'tail' holding and suspending the globe is my depiction of time in solid matter (in this case solid sterling silver).

Surprisingly few people are aware that planet earth moves ahead in space and time apart from just revolving. This always fascinated me. 

I'm finally releaved that this piece is completed exactly the way it needed to be. It is dedicated to times more spiritual, to come and the 'age of aquarius' which seems to be here already.

The enclosed Sphere of the naturaly occuring crystal known as Snakeskin Jasper. Jasper is a stone of gentleness and relaxation. It enhances one's ability to relax and brings tranquility, comforting, wholeness, healing, and gentle endings. It is sometimes called the nurturing stone for its nurturing and protective energies and balancing of yin/yang energies.


Material: Solid Sterling Silver and natural crystal

Matter of time sculpture pendant. Minimal Men's jewellery


Weight: An extremely substantial heavy weight as most of Nikias' men's designs. Aprox. 22 grams!

Size: height 4 cm, across 2.4 cm




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