esculpta jewelry delivery information


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide (with a few exceptions). Please let us know if you do not find your country on the shipping country list in checkout.

Where do you ship from?

Both our workshop and stock handling facility are in Athens, Greece

How much is the Shipping and handling Charge?

Shipping and handling costs are displayed in your shopping cart at any time when you add a product to the cart. They depend on the shipping services offered for your specific region.

Can I combine shipping for more than one product?

Yes for FREE. At esculpta shipping is flat-rate which means that you can combine as many items as you want in one order free of any additional shipping charge.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

If you're placing a retail order on our website as a customer (and not as a business) the following schedule will apply:  


  Airmail FedEx Airmail FedEx
Processing time* ---1-3 days--- ---1-3 days---
Transit time 3-6 days 1-2 days 6-12 days Unavailable
Total expected time (min-max) 4-9 days 2-5 days 7-15 days Unavailable
 All days are in business days (non week-end, non-holidays)
* Standard processing times may be different for custom orders and special items requiring a longer processing time (in such case, the processing time is clearly indicated on the product page under 'Product Details'
At holidays and peak times of the year please consult the maximum expected timeframe.
Note on FedEx: Currently only available to EU locations. Physical addresses only (not PO box addresses)

 discreet shippingWe respect your privacy. All products are shipped in discrete and neutral packaging without any external branding or description of contents. 


What payment methods do you accept?

Our primary payment method is Paypal but this includes all major credit cards even without having a Paypal account. This is our favorite payment method and has been chosen in the interest of safety of our customers.

Paypal verified

Purchasing online from a Paypal verified business like Esculpta is widely considered to add an additional layer of protection to your online shopping. Business transactions are monitored for fraud and you do not have to share your sensitive financial information directly with businesses you buy from.

I don't have a Paypal account. Can i still place an order with you?

Yes. At Esculpta we have a Paypal verified business account. Therefore our customers are NOT required to also to have a Paypal account to do business with us. You can use a regular credit card to checkout and the Paypal gateway without signing into Paypal.

To do this, when prompted to the Paypal site in checkout, select the link that says either "Don't have a Paypal account?" or "Pay with my credit or debit card" (depending on your region, the wording is different) Either way, signing up to Paypal is optional and you can still checkout with a common credit card.

If you are experiencing difficulty making a transaction directly from your card, we have found that Paypal will in most cases allow you to do so easily when completing the order from a tablet or phone. Our website is also responsive and optimized for these devices.

Do the displayed prices include taxes?

Yes. All displayed prices on our site include applicable sales taxes eg. VAT if applicable depending on your region. However any potential duties or customs charges that could occur upon entry to your country (subject to your local authorities) are the obligation of the buyer. From our experience however, such charges are rarely imposed and affect less than 1% of our international sales. In rare cases when duties have been applied to packages sent, charges reported to us are usually about 10%-15% of product value.

The final checkout price is slightly different to the prices indicated on your site. Why is this?

Our site updates currency conversions once a day automatically. Apart from EUR currency and USD currency pricing (which are our stable base currencies), all other currencies noted on our site are actually conversions are indicative and may bear small differences to the final price due to small currency exchange fluctuations. You can make payment from another currency and Paypal will automatically handle any necessary currency conversions.

How can I know it's safe to purchase online from Esculpta?

We understand how important confidence and safety is for you. Shopping on the internet sometimes seems like risky stuff! There are however also a number of ways to ensure minimizing the risk of a bad experience and at Esculpta you can be completely confident of your safety for a number of reasons:

  1. Esculpta has been in business since 2003, has a registered trademark and has a sound track record and reputation with customers, financial institutions and business partners.
  2. Owning a Paypal Business account means we have been verified and transactions that take place through Paypal are monitored by Paypal.
  3. You do not need to disclose your credit card details to us. You only share your sensitive information with Paypal which offers industry leading SSL encryption during checkout, better than most credit-processing systems.
  4. Our return policy gives you the right to a full refund if your item is not exactly as it has been described or arrives in damaged condition.



Where else can I find your products?

Please check out our list of worldwide stockists and partners

Some of our partners may carry only specific items from our collection. This website however is where you will find our entire current collection.

What is your return policy?

Descriptions and photos are provided to ensure as precise information as possible about the item. Delivery is by recorded. In unlikely event that the product arrives in a different state than described or arrives damaged, buyer has option of refund or replacement (stock permitting). We require to be contacted regarding any such issue within a week of receiving the faulty or damaged goods.


IMPORTANT: In order to uphold hygienic standards, we are unfortunately unable to accept returns under any circumstances of C-Rings despite any possible assurances that the item has never been worn. This is a risk we cannot take for the next customer, as we are sure you appreciate knowing that your order comes straight from production. In order to avoid any such disappointment particularly regarding size and fit, customers that are unsure of their required size are strongly advised to consider one of our adjustable-size designs.

What are your specific terms of service?

Here you can read analytically our terms of service

Is it safe to use a C-Ring?

At Esculpta we believe in living playfully. Cock Rings are only intended for use by a mature audiences. We do not endorse their use as medical aids or medical therapy to any kind of medical condition. Also with specific medical conditions, their use should be avoided. For more information please read our following article Health and Safety with Cock Rings