Nikias was born in 1978 and lives on an Aegean island in Greece

Nikias Chief Designer for Esculpta jewelry
"Some of my fondest and most vivid childhood memories are of summers spent in Greece under the strong island sun and amidst ancient ruins and olive groves. The impression that enchanted me the most and has forever been imprinted in my mind was this exquisite scenery, with light everywhere and the effect of light upon form. Greece is a land of mythology where gods frequently stumbled upon common mortal passions and mortals were allowed to have an astonishing 'godlike' sense of understanding of proportion and beauty. This relation led to creating main building blocks of western civilisation as we know it. The fluid ancient monumental and sculptural imagery as well as the games played by the blessed mediterranean sunlight are my first source of inspiration."

Nikias' passion for jewelry lies in the primal instincts that drive man to declare his own presence in the cosmos and the existance of a unique spiritual identity that every man has a desire to declare. The invention of jewelry is as ancient and as human civilization itself. For thousands of years, man has instinvtively performed this ritual by decorating their bodies - their most precious physical asset, which provides proof of their existence. All known cultures throughout history have indulged in this repetitive spiritual ritual. The enjoyment of physical decoration is a pure and universal inquiry of the critical spirit. At Esculpta we find this expression to be at heart deeply erotic.


esculpta brand Male jewelry mens accessories in silver and gold

Esculpta's collection is hand-made with care in limited quantities. Each item released by our workshop has been hand-made by Artisans - masters in the ancient jewelry-making craft, to ensure overall perfection. The creative influence brought into the jewels transcends from Meditteranean Europe and Greece, the birthplace of the brand, and the strong artistic heritage of old Europe. 

Many think of jewelry merely as intrinsic decoration, or a dull display of status, the vision behind Esculpta engulfs far deeper and less explored dimensions, ancient and primordial, where desire for beauty is a spiritual and existential human conquest sparkling with life-energy and resonance.

While the world is becoming more complex and individuality has become more fragile, Esculpta's mission is to complement the long-lost playfulness and purity of self-expression embedded in man's existence. To adorn ones body, our most valuable asset is a celebration of being. We are all playful, beautiful and erotic.

We are all playful, beautiful and erotic. Nikias founder and designer of Esculpta jewelry for men


Esculpta began in 2003 as the vision of Nikias. Initially it was a creative side-project located in an Athenian atelier with a long historic background in artifact jewelry. The first seductive jewels that were contributed to the side-project (including 'Le Cock Ring I') revealed the fresh, unique and subversive character of the label-to-be. 

With it's launch, a large global following of passionate customers developed from men from all walks of life. Nikias attributed this success to the 'feeling of playfulness which emerged from the jewels'. Meanwhile stories that published around the world about the new line were both with praise and controversy.  It was soon however clear that the creative proposition of a Greek jewelry workshop had altered the conventional boundaries of fine jewelry as we knew it. Furthermore even some of the more conservative minds were finding themselves drawn by a new definition of a cock ring (previously an often 'tacky' adult gadget). The playful and luxurious iconic object was born..

History of Esculpta jewelry

In 2011 esculpta started its first self-owned North American branch in the San-Francisco USA to have a closer presence with its customer base in North America. Most operations including manufacture have continued to take place in Greece.

Today Esculpta is a distinctly niche and pioneering brand in mens body jewelry. It continues to be privately owned and still runs small scale production in order to ensure the same high quality-control of its creations. Up until the date of writing, Esculpta's creations have been purchased by customers in 40 countries, across continents, age-groups, orientation and gender. 


About designing jewelry, energy and resonance, esculpta

Nikias was born in England in 1978 into a family silver-smiths of Greek and British origin of four generations. He received a British education in Athens, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management from the University of London. He spent his first years as a child in the mountainous archaeologically important town Delphi where his family ran several jewelry shops. The location of the ancient site majestic, home to the first Oracle and to the temple of Apollo - and the place declared by the mighty Zeus (god of gods) as the belly of the world. He designed his first piece of jewelry when he was 12 years old in his uncle's work-shop.

Following University Nikias returned to Greece to pursue his passion for the craft by completing a 4 year apprenticeship in jewelry making. Entering the family business as an export manager, within in a few years he developed new partnerships with world-class museums in Europe and America. Customers of the family jewelry collection include several members of royalty and heads of state.

Nikias founded Esculpta in 2003, initially a creative project that developed into a brand and today his primary occupation. Today he lives on a small island in the Aegean close to nature, from where he manages parts of the business designs new creations for Esculpta.

"When I have finished creating a new piece, the feeling of reward is usually overwhelming. Sometimes it takes a year or more to complete every aspect of a new design and this is quite painful. Until one day, I let it go and I feel both relieved and moved because the prototype has 'grown' and is finished on my behalf. At this time, when a design leaves my hands to be worn, I know as a 'parent' that it leaves for a new existence and to resonate another persons energy, in new circumstances and at a new wave-length."

Esculpta mens jewelry. Living playfully

"I feel that human existance may be at a tipping point where technology and globalisation could drive most of us to completely neglect our relationship with our primal selves and inner higher needs for harmony and clarity. We're being distracted by large doses of information, images and gadgets that increasingly consume more of our devoted energy than they provide us with. It is therefore, perhaps more important now than ever to live playfully and to celebrate our own unique identity and expression. By my own understanding, after all is this not our purpose? For us to live life as a celebration and tribute to the beauty around us and in life itself?"