Nikias was born in 1978 and lives on an Aegean island in Greece

Nikias Chief Designer for Esculpta jewelry

"In ancient Greece, the Gods stumbled on mortal passions. Mortals in turn, enjoyed Godlike proportions of power and beauty. Sun drenched olive groves and ancient ruins were blessed with light on form. As a child these bright sculptural images impressed me. This is my first source of inspiration."

As men declare their presence in the Cosmos, their desires to adorn their bodies to declare their identity is Nikia's passion. "For thousands of years jewellery performs a ritual of pleasure and expression. I find this deeply erotic" Nikias




esculpta brand Male jewelry mens accessories in silver and gold

Esculpta's artisans lovingly hand make all limited quantity creations. We master our heritage from Greece and old Mediterranean Europe for inquisitive men with high expectations.

The vision behind our unique jewels is to explore your deeper dimensions. Ancient primal desire is carnal, spiritual and existential - as is man's natural attraction to jewels and adornment.

In this complex world individuality is becoming fragile. Your passion sparks the vital energy needed to leave your mark on all that matters to you. Esculpla delivers to this world of self declaration and pleasure.

We are all playful, beautiful and erotic. Nikias founder and designer of Esculpta jewelry for men


In an Athenian atelier the first seductive project emerged in 2003.'Le Cock Ring 1' revealed the subversive character of Esculpta.

A passionate male clientele evolved globally. Stories published about esculpta's penis jewelrywere controversial and full of praise. Even conservative minds were drawn to reconsider the aesthetics of a sex toy turned into an art form.

In 2011 expansion with our first self owned San Fransisco branch gave a closer presence to our US customers. Manufacture continues to take place in majestic Greece.

Our distinct niche insists on the highest quality control. Today, Esculpta supplies men from diverse backgrounds from 40 countries across the seven seas.

History of Esculpta jewelry


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Born in 1978 in England into five generation of silver smiths of British and Greek origin, Nikias received a British education in Greece and a BSc degree at the University of London. He reports privileged to have grown up in the spiritual town of Delphi, the birthplace of the Oracle and where Zeus, God of Gods declared to be the 'navel' of the world.

Nikias crafted his first work in his Uncle's workshop at the age of 12. After studies in london and a 4 year silver smith apprenticeship and managing exports he developed long lasting relationships with world class museums. His clientele also has included royalties, heads of state and US first ladies.

"Personal clarity and harmony are now distracted by globalisation. Its easier now than ever to neglect our primal selves inside the matrix." he declares.. regarding his jewelry as "small luxuries to complement our uniqueness and to celebrate our erotic expression".

"Delivering a design is often painful. As a parent feels overwhelmed with relief after the birth of a long awaited child." Nikias cares for the comfort, confidence and pleasure entwined in his designs.

"Is it not paramount after all to tribute our bodies to the Godlike beauty inside and around us - the beauty and love that surrounds our mortal creation?"

Esculpta mens jewelry. Living playfully