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Re-establishing an ancient artform

Bodily decoration is an archaic ritual. Jewelry has served as an embelishment to man's soul via the shrine of his body. In ancient Greece, wearing jewelry was a spiritual Dionysian celebration of living, a ritual. Mindfully adoring the bodies of men. Fragile and mortal bodies swept with passions, weaknesses and fleeting youthfulness. This ancient story of dignifying mans only natural asset, comes to life in Esculpta's unique mens jewelry collection, a homage of small luxuries inspired by man's sincerest and most primordial rituals of pleasure and playfullness. Esculpta jewellers offer the real-deal with over a century of tradition in jewelry making.


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Power up your gear

Mens jewelry has never been experienced so hands-on. Discover sound design blended with remarkable functionality and pioneering innovations. Every design of Esculpta comprises a unique experience to dip into.


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Vanity is playful but sharing is caring

You enjoy pampering yourself royally and are hard to impress.. we know! Its time to assign yourself the right Esculpta jewel to elevate your senses and awaken your inner Narcissus. Experiencing godlike pleasures will cost you less than a pair of jeans! And if your favorite man resembles a Greek titan, then award him with the ultimate mouth-watering birthday or anniversary gift that he will love you even more for! Adjustable-size means you can't go wrong with details and you can count on him being head-over-heals.. with you.


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Cockring was pretty much a dirty word before Esculpta inspired the art-form.


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My Junk has never looked so classy


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If Anthony Weiner had one of these on in those selfies, he might still be a congressman today


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This will make the hottest item in your privates drawer or on HIS coffee table.


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The Magnum Opus of cock rings!


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Hot jewels for the family jewels. A pretty stunning jewel for someone special

to find inside your tighty wighties


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New products

JockRing © BOA "DEBUT" (with Caprice add-on)

85,00 €

A sly and sleek Penis-Ring-Bracelet in silvertone alloy. Minimalist-chic with a new game-changing dual functionality.

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