Esculpta. Seeking new talented photographers and models

Esculpta. Seeking new talented photographers and models

We are looking for fresh creative input. Are you a professional photographer or model that is experienced with fitness and nudes and loves shooting the male body? Can you offer a fresh and inspired take on the most intimate jewelry accessory? If so get snapping and start working with us!

esculpta models and nude photography talent wanted

*above Esculpta by Michael Ching photography


Finding just the right professional photographer to work with is a great challenge to keep in line with our brand identity. Creating images in line with our innovative jewelry isn't the only challenge. When male fashion meets fetish, meets jewelry, meets fitness, meets romance, then one sharp image to say it all is hard to capture. But esculpta about the creation of a unique art-form and this is what makes our products poetic and unique. As we set a high standard for our products we are looking for equally talented and perfectionist collaborators.

Our intimate jewelry and particularly cock rings are really a tricky product to shoot and we believe that few photographers have what it takes. Therefore we will be building on new relationships from the ground up by mailing out free jewelry sample kits to get photographers which are interested in this niche field shooting fast!

Step 1.

To be considered for a free sample pack of our world-famous precious cock-rings and jewels then please submit the contact form

Don't forget to include your

1. Name, Address, Telephone number

2. Portfolio url (preferably a link directly to a relative folder/part of your portfolio)

3. Model/s intended to be photographed (full name and online link to portfolio, facebook, etc)

Step 2.

We will be screening your portfolios looking for appropriate skill-sets for the brand or exciting new takes. (identity confirmation may be requested so do not consider sending us anyone else's work - this would not only be a little creepy but also illegal)

Step 3.

 If you are selected in our short-list, we will send out free cock-rings and intimate jewelry samples (new designs or existing designs from our range) for shooting (that you are welcome keep or give-away sharing the love!)

Step 4.

If the images created are of first class quality, then we will be very likely be contacting you shortly after to discuss your terms for shooting our next campaign.

Sasha Kosmos for esculpta

* above Esculpta by Sasha Kosmos photography


We have no way of ensuring/enforcing this once the goods have shipped to you, but in good faith we request that you confirm to us when you receive the samples safely and shoot them within 3-4 weeks after receiving.


(Yes, there are some rules that keep the world turning so please read below before submitting your details to make sure that we're on the same page)

Photographs that are produced and sent to us or published independently by the photographer that result from the free sample packs received may also be used in social media, promotions or for any other commercial uses by

Esculpta will not be obliged to publish all/any photos derived from your work. We will publish and use only images which believe represent the brand and credits will be attributed to all published images.

Photographs that may contain nudity are subject to stringent practices and legislation concerning legal age of the model. Therefore it is crucial for us that photos received to be accompanied by a release form with both the photographers and model's real names and signature that the model is over legal age.

Product images should not be watermarked but we will commit to attribute credits to all photographs of photographer and model (or alias as preferred).

Photographers passing the first selection process will have a release form sent to them to be signed with REAL names before we mail the goods out. Why? Because we'll be sending out valuable jewelry to you in good faith that it will be photographed, so we believe that its only fair to be able to use any photos derived from this effort if they are later circulated on the internet.

rSEANd photography with esculpta cock-rings featured in beautifulmag

*above Eric M. by rSEANd photography


We expect photographers submitting to source their own models that fit with the esculpta brand. All models must be of legal age and as hot as hell!

If you are a model or another fancy persona type and are confident you have a ton of imagination and guts as well as your own creative team aboard then please contact us anyway and we'll review on an individual basis.

Submit your portfolio and details HERE

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