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We are constantly adapting to the continually changing conditions surrounding the virus outbreak. With health coming above all else, we hope that you are treating yourselves with care and those around you with love and that the world is giving you back harmony.

updated schedule

For us boys that means staying in shape, eating healthy, tuning our mind to relaxed vibes and staying healthy (in mind and body)! We generally aim at not losing our sexy attitude to life. Working from isolation as safely as possible and trying our best to keep up with the logistical challenges to keep the love moving out from our atelier. 


Estimated delivery timeframe (updated March 28th):

DHL still a very reliable shipping service holding well on a global level. More expensive than national carriers but they are still delivering efficiently worldwide. We are setting the freight charges even lower than the carrier's rate to us to make this method more affordable to our customers to get our products safely.

DHL delivery time for the EU and wider Europe is currently 1-2 business days and 2-3 days for NORTH AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, ASIA, AFRICA. We're currently shipping next day. We are currently shipping ONLY with DHL and NOT offering use of national registered mail services to protect our customers from extreme delay scenarios. 


Re-stocking issues

We are beginning to sell out with sales increasing and our main body of production in Greece halting suddenly. While we are trying our best to resolve this issue, supply chain logistics make it hard to know just how long our beloved rings will be out of stock for when they're gone. Quantities are now very limited and in orfer to maximise efficiency and the workflow at this time we will be processing availabilities with a first come first served basis and incomplete orders (unpaid at time of order) will automatically be cancelled. (In case of ordering with Wire Transfer please send us proof of payment on the same day of the order). 

stock shortages

A note from the founder


Social isolation is new to our common way of life. In Greece, some early adopters (including myself) have been isolated for 2 weeks already (at the time of writing) and with this first-hand experience, I can say is that as time passes you abundantly realise that you have more moments to pause and reflect upon Reason and Philosophy if that is a part of our existence.


When you isolate, sooner or later in your solitude there dawns an enlightening moment that you are the only one who can set the attitiude you want to adopt for spending time with yourself gracefully and in wellness. I'd say it seems like the most appropriate time to harness, assert and channel your positive life energy back into yourself with positivity. Its never too late to discover the importance of loving and nourishing your own body, ending all distractions, eating well, staying fit, keeping your center in tune with nature (try soundscapes, aromatherapy, a little silence even maybe?).


Do not underestimate the forms of creativity you can perform alone, and although in the beginning you may still be in 'jetlag', you will soon discover that pruning your psyche and erotic drive is a healthy part of staying alert and energized. Taking a temporary step away from a sexual habits can also be a moment of a pure-minded reflection and re-centering to one's core. It clearly seems that one must adopt a fortified attitude of being kind to oneself and feeling sexy in his essence far below the surface of his skin and appearance.

candles and relaxation

If you are like me in isolation with a partner (I feel exceptionally priviledged for this), after a few days of isolating together you are already begining to discover that this may actually the rare opportuninty become more honest, tender, playful and sensual. Perhaps it is time to evolve together as a pair. Lust and tenderness, are both are opposite sides to the same coin. Affection involves acceptance each-others weaknesses and opening your own - love has always deserved ceremonious rituals that deepen lust in a state of detatchement from the mind. This least expected crisis may also be seen as the ultimate time for mindful lovemaking and romance that you were distracted to have previously on the speed of things. To discover, evolve and evoke sensuality and a zen atmosphere try giving your partner a hot bath with essential oils, Maroccan spices, candle-lit massages with rich balmes for deep massaging and anything else delightful that you can offer the ceremony and take your time. Eat fresh and exotic fruits together and travel with your lover to new places of the mind staying healthy and safe.


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