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Knowing which size you need can be complicated and can even be intimidating particularly for rookies. Our adjustable cock rings will take all discerning men of apetite on a journey of sensations regardless of their size, girth, or prior experience with toys such as cock rings. Whether wearing for vanity when flaccid, as a bulge booster beneath one's jeans or for play by accompanying our most intimate moments, you're always in control of its size. If you find yourself in intimate company, then ramping it up from 'decor' to 'meteor' is just a tweak away.

Gifting your man with a precious and intimate item has never been easier. Our adjustable C-Rings are the right size no-matter what his size is because they are easilly adaptable to accommodate for his measure and pleasure. You don't need to worry about you've ordered the right size for him ..and you can stay focused on what is truly precious - enjoying your time with him.

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  • 56,00 €

    Quench your thirst for a summer adventure with the ultimate glamour-conscious super-villain accessory. Complete your hottest summertime mission with the BOA Debut (bracelet and c-ring) and optional matching goldtone add-ons

  • 56,00 €

    Minimalist-chic meets the excitement of dual functionality and snake charming. An exquisite entry-level silvertone penis ring for your manly pleasures.

  • 220,00 €

    A glorious Penis-Ring-Bracelet handmade in silver and gold. It has boldly masculine design and a game-changing effortless dual functionality.

  • 105,00 €

    The Greeks and the Romans knew the aquamarine as the sailor’s gem, ensuring the safe and prosperous passage across stormy seas. In Medieval times, the stone was thought to reawaken the love of married couples. It was also believed to render soldiers invincible. Every single cock-ring is hand-made and hand-riveted with sculpted sterling silver and durable...

  • 118,00 €

    A natural feel and all-new luxurious touch in sterling silver. An anatomic work of art designed ergonomically for ultra-comfortable experience. Summit is quickly becoming our new best seller.

  • 180,00 €

    Inside the labyrinth enclosure lived the terrible beast called the Minotaur, a half bull half man, son of the mighty king Minos and bloodthirsty for lust and carnage. Minotaur extravagganza seems happen naturally when you're wearing our first commercially available harness.

  • 129,00 €

    A clear vision helps to understand a gentleman's intentions. But how often is a little added boldness required to get across that you're the kind of guy that won't settle without the whole enchilada? Consider our immaculate Crystal-Clear OMEN the glistening and empowering cherry on top of your achievement once you've got your listener gaping with...

  • 129,00 €

    Serving temperatures may vary when it comes to indulging in a fine glass of wine but JockRing with Shiraz-Red corundums is a 'main course' that is served piping hot. Finely hand-made from solid silver, the OMEN embodie brilliant design and perfection in its details. With shiraz-red corundum cabochons.

  • 129,00 €

    Whether you're racing for leisure or for victory, its always good to be well-equipped with a sparkling vehicle. JockRing OMEN works best under the hood featuring a few nifty features that are noteworthy for every attained sportsman..

Showing 1 - 9 of 21 items

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