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Select above the range of items to view. Esculpta jewelry features main collections Manjoolz (includes our world-famous cock rings), Forms, JockRing and Bespoke items. In them find mens jewellery, intimate gift ideas for your boyfriend (however demanding he may be) and delicious accessories for men from silver, gold and other materials.

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  • 525,00 €

    An exquisite luxurious ancient Hellenistic-Roman jewelry reproduction hand made in solid sterling silver. Magnificent detail, masculine and contemporary. This is our HEAVY SILVER lion necklace  designed after numerous requests as a totally silver version of our successful rubber torc necklace. 

  • 375,00 €

    If horny festivities inspire your passions then read on! The capricorn heads are methodologically attributed to 'horny' all-entertaining festivities of Dionysus (Bacchus in Latin), the god of intoxication and debauchery. Sterling silver, heavy and exquisitely hand made to last for a lifetime. 

  • 63,00 €

    This large sterling silver lion ring belongs to a fabulous range of torc jewelry made by a workshop in Greece with a renown specialty towards torcs for over half a century. Such intricate and quality-made pieces demonstrate the characteristic unique value of ancient male jewelry with all its diachronic finesse of masculine jewels found from the Roman and...

  • 175,00 €

    Our all-time best-seller. Le Cock Ring II has earned the appreciation by fans of esculpta in over 40 countries around the globe and is showcased in specialized boutiques worldwide as the most elegant piece of enhancing gear for the family jewels. We consider comfort very important. The advantage of this irrestistable jewel is that it is smartly designed...

  • 165,00 €

    The definitive sterling silver piece body jewel for the man-that-has-it-all. 'Le Cock Ring' has been named the "King of body jewelry" for its superb aesthetics, quality and design. Extra comfortable and ergonomic design is more than a piece of jewelry for your lunch-box.. a work of art guaranteed to make a hard impression! Has it been a while since you...

  • 169,00 €

    Ancient hellenistic and roman jewelry - meets rubber! A sleek and masculine Roman torc style neo-classical lion jewelry adaptation. Magnificent detail, masculine and contemporary.

  • 115,00 €

    If fishing for complements usually only gets you so far, this masterpiece clad with pearls - earth's finest precious gems from the sea, will make you want to flaunt your mystifying string of (penis) pearls like Coco Chanel! Unlike any ordinary cock ring, this luxury penis jewel falls nothing short of uplifting.

  • 215,00 €

    Many customers have asked if could double their c-rings as bracelets. As sizing and the function for c-rings is quite different this bracelet came about by popular demand as a perfectly matching wrist piece to the more intimately viewed jewels.

  • 4 375,00 €

    If you thought that all lush high end jewelry can be paraded on Oscar-night-flamboyance then think again! This is perhaps the cock-ring that Louis XVI and Liberace would envy the most.  This item has been commissioned to us in 18K gold and several stone variations on several occasions.

Showing 1 - 9 of 40 items

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