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Esculpta is a predominantly male brand of jewelry for men who are in comfort with their bodies and require refinement in their every experience. Our pendants and necklaces are uniquely designed to complement a lifestyle of aesthetic and erotic freedom and originality both for straight and gay men. Some of our masculine necklaces are complemented by matching bracelets, rings and cock-rings. Our necklaces are mainly from silver while we also love the element of rubber. Looking for a unique male pendant gift for someone special? Take a closer look at our special collection!

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  • 32,00 €

    The Labyrinth is the complex enclosure structure the Minotaur in Greek mythology. Inside it lived the mighty monster part man-part bull that devoured young men and maidens. An elegant and sleek pendant designed by esculpta available in two metallic tones.

  • 169,00 €

    Ancient hellenistic and roman jewelry - meets rubber! A sleek and masculine Roman torc style neo-classical lion jewelry adaptation. Magnificent detail, masculine and contemporary.

  • 525,00 €

    An exquisite luxurious ancient Hellenistic-Roman jewelry reproduction hand made in solid sterling silver. Magnificent detail, masculine and contemporary. This is our HEAVY SILVER lion necklace  designed after numerous requests as a totally silver version of our successful rubber torc necklace. 

  • 69,00 €

    The mermale is a mythical oddity. Despite that the male version is somewhat of a creative invention of our designers, the provenance of even 'classic' mermaids is actually interesting and exciting. - Far more than perhaps than pop-culture leads us to believe. Of straight and gay interest, this uniquely original male jewel and gift idea has captured the...

  • 54,00 €

    Delicate yet robust, this two-piece synthesis of solid sterling silver parts is dedicated to the messenger god Hermes. Bearer of news and things to come. The stylized form embodies the harmonized dynamics of change.

  • 69,00 €

    Sterling silver pendant with adjustable slide knots. Little needs to be said about the significance or symbolism of angels, We hope that this piece captures the essence of freedom in the spirit of it's wearers.

  • 68,50 €

    Aether according to alchemists was the fifth and essential element of life force. The other 4 as the Greek philosopher-mathematician Empedocles (c. 450 BCE) who first established the system of the four primary elements, fire, air, water and earth.

Showing 1 - 9 of 18 items

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