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Cherry-picked for his pleasure this season

Is your body electrified by the summer heat? Does your inner Apollo crave for exotic essences and flavours? Does the smell of sun-baked-skin wake up your inner minotaur's urge to devour? Are your inner lions fierce enough to overpower a strong young gladiator? Have you ever considered entertaining your guests with venomous snakes and their poison? 

Esculpta shines and over-delivers in pleasing the man of the manor and the captain of your galley however heated your summer is about to get. Invite us to perform at the center-stage of your festivities, in your most aquired voyages and celebrations of pleasure.  

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  • 56,00 €

    Minimalist-chic meets the excitement of dual functionality and snake charming. An exquisite entry-level silvertone penis ring for your manly pleasures.

  • 69,00 €

    The mermale is a mythical oddity. Despite that the male version is somewhat of a creative invention of our designers, the provenance of even 'classic' mermaids is actually interesting and exciting. - Far more than perhaps than pop-culture leads us to believe. Of straight and gay interest, this uniquely original male jewel and gift idea has captured the...

  • 58,00 €

    A balls-out revolution for men's jewelry. This add-on value pack includes 2 exciting penis-ring ADD-ONS. Beautiful pieces of hardware that extend the capabilities of your all JockRing ® ring either inter-changeably or simultaneously. When they're not boosting your manpouch and appetite (wuf) they can be rested around your neck as beautiful pendants!

  • 32,00 €

    The Labyrinth is the complex enclosure structure the Minotaur in Greek mythology. Inside it lived the mighty monster part man-part bull that devoured young men and maidens. An elegant and sleek pendant designed by esculpta available in two metallic tones.

  • 265,00 €

    An outstanding intricate and heavy piece of superior neo-classical torc jewelry. Solid sterling silver and exquisitely made. This historically masculine bracelet is built to last for a lifetime. Whether as an addition to complement your lion cock ring or as a self-imposing conversation piece, this bracelet will highlight your masculine virility and bring...

  • 130,00 €

    The definitive sterling silver piece of body jewelry for the straight or gay man-that-has-it-all. 'Le Cock Ring' has been named the "King of body jewelry" for its superb aesthetics, quality and design. A bizarre piece of jewelry for your lunch-box. Has it been a while since you spoiled yourself to something truly unique? Unleash the lions!

  • 149,00 €

    Many customers have asked if could double their c-rings as bracelets. As sizing and the function for c-rings is quite different this bracelet came about by popular demand as a perfectly matching wrist piece to the more intimately viewed jewels.

  • 390,00 €

    An exquisite luxurious ancient Hellenistic-Roman jewelry reproduction hand made in solid sterling silver. Magnificent detail, masculine and contemporary. This is our HEAVY SILVER lion necklace  designed after numerous requests as a totally silver version of our successful rubber torc necklace. 

  • 139,00 €

    Our all-time best-seller. Le Cock Ring II has earned the appreciation by fans of esculpta in over 40 countries around the globe and is showcased in specialized boutiques worldwide as the most elegant piece of enhancing gear for the family jewels. We consider comfort very important. The advantage of this irrestistable jewel is that it is smartly designed...

Showing 10 - 18 of 28 items

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