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Cherry-picked for his pleasure this season

Is your body electrified by body heat? Does your inner Apollo crave for exotic essences and flavours? Does the smell of sun-baked-skin wake up your inner minotaur's urge to devour? Are your inner lions fierce enough to overpower a strong young gladiator? Have you ever considered entertaining your guests with venomous snakes and their poison? 

Esculpta shines and over-delivers in pleasing the man of the manor and the captain of your galley however heated your imagination is about to get. Invite us to perform at the center-stage of your festivities, in your most aquired voyages and celebrations of pleasure.  

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  • 105,00 €

    "This year don't get your man a mug, unless you just want him to make you coffee..." Make it clear to him that you're sick of decaf! Le Cock Ring IV features colored earth and sea elements as found in several types of precious minerals and in the designs of ancient Hellenistic and Byzantine jewelry.  Every single ring is hand-made and hand-riveted with...

  • 69,00 €

    The mermale is a mythical oddity. Despite that the male version is somewhat of a creative invention of our designers, the provenance of even 'classic' mermaids is actually interesting and exciting. - Far more than perhaps than pop-culture leads us to believe. Of straight and gay interest, this uniquely original male jewel and gift idea has captured the...

  • 32,00 €

    The Labyrinth is the complex enclosure structure the Minotaur in Greek mythology. Inside it lived the mighty monster part man-part bull that devoured young men and maidens. An elegant and sleek pendant designed by esculpta available in two metallic tones.

  • 295,00 €

    If your imagination is hard to please, this cock ring is designed with enough passion to complement your most intimate moments. Crown yourself with the fabulous precious jewel and choose your precious gems.

  • 4 375,00 €

    If you thought that all lush high end jewelry can be paraded on Oscar-night-flamboyance then think again! This is perhaps the cock-ring that Louis XVI and Liberace would envy the most.  This item has been commissioned to us in 18K gold and several stone variations on several occasions.

  • 480,00 €

    Is it the emperor's new clothes or simply the one cock ring to rule them all? Discover how you can tantalize your constituents with the mouth-watering fine solid gold detail and precious stones on this beautiful item, fit to dress the emperor's scepter.

  • 375,00 €

    If horny festivities inspire your passions then read on! The capricorn heads are methodologically attributed to 'horny' all-entertaining festivities of Dionysus (Bacchus in Latin), the god of intoxication and debauchery. Sterling silver, heavy and exquisitely hand made to last for a lifetime. 

  • 195,00 €

    The word 'horny' has never been meant more literally than when describing Dionysian festivities! The Satyr and Dionysian cult is reminiscent of the time in history when mass ecstatic orgies where philosophically and socially acceptable and celebrated! Le Cock Ring V is an inspired work of art luxuriously hand-made by highly skilled jewellers entirely for...

Showing 19 - 27 of 29 items

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