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Fixed size cock rings come size specific when you know your fit. Prior experience with common cock rings helps a lot in choosing the fixed size cockring that is just right for you. Cock-rings are normally measured by the internal diameter (measuring across the inner center of the ring - the part that will directly encircle your penis and scrotum). There is no easy way to measure up and attempting to calculate the required size by formula is not recommended. Our easy-snap feature (available in some models) makes it comfortable and easy as a snap to position and remove.

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  • 165,00 €

    The definitive sterling silver piece body jewel for the man-that-has-it-all. 'Le Cock Ring' has been named the "King of body jewelry" for its superb aesthetics, quality and design. Extra comfortable and ergonomic design is more than a piece of jewelry for your lunch-box.. a work of art guaranteed to make a hard impression! Has it been a while since you...

  • 4 375,00 €

    If you thought that all lush high end jewelry can be paraded on Oscar-night-flamboyance then think again! This is perhaps the cock-ring that Louis XVI and Liberace would envy the most.  This item has been commissioned to us in 18K gold and several stone variations on several occasions.

  • 360,00 €

    It is 'Le Cock Ring I's 16th birthday this year. We're celebrating the most enduring luxurious penis ring in jewelry history with this iconic premium edition hand-made with an impressive amount of solid silver and a timeless antique finish and appeal.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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