Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide (with a few exceptions). Please let us know if you do not find your country on the shipping country list in checkout.

How much is the Shipping and handling Charge?

Shipping and handling costs are displayed in your shopping cart at any time when you add a product or more to the cart. They depend on the shipping services offered for your region and the items in your shopping cart. 

I have a voucher code. Where should I apply it?

If you have a promotional, seasonal or other personalized voucher code, you must apply it on the checkout page of our website before completing your order. Vouchers are often personalized which means that they could be only for you. To redeem a personalized voucher successflly you will need to first LOG IN first with your email at the top of the checkout page (instead of using guest checkout) just so we know its you.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

We ship retail orders worldwide several times a week. If you place an order in our store the following schedule will apply (Schedule does not apply to our business-customer division):

Registered AirmailDHL ExpressRegistered AirmailDHL Express
Transit time:3-6 days1-2 days6-12 days2-3 days

Days quoted are business days (non week-end, non-holidays) and are estimates. Days are calculated after dispatch and do not include our standard processing time (usually between 1-3 days).

** Standard processing times may vary for custom orders, special sizing requests (confirmed prior to order), or by any unforseen irregularity such as receiving an incomplete or inaccurate shipping address, delayed clearance of a transaction, etc or unless announced otherwise in checkout.
**At holidays and peak times of the year please consult the maximum expected timeframe.
**Postal (PO) boxes: Delivery by Airmail ONLY. Please do not select DHL unless you provide us with a physical address.

*COVID-19 shipping schedule  dhl + Registered mail update

Estimated Delivery time currently 

DHL express - 1-2 business days to Europe 


DHL delays currently at a minimum. Recommended efficient service. Costs more but its speed is of incredible value.


This service has also re-opened to specific countries. If this shipping option is enabled in your shopping cart after selecting your country then your location is being serviced. Efficiency/delay stats are a little disappointing at this time to many locations. We currently recommend DHL Select this service if you're feeling very chilled with time.

Our processing time - Currently about 1-2 business days

*The above info is subject to change from matters beyond our control but we'll continue to keep this notice updated if changes of conditions come into effect. We will be re-enabling some options of standard postal services by country as carriers get on grid again. 

A note from the boys @ esculpta:

We're working with social distanced and hygienic conditions for our staff and stock handling to continue to deliver you a blasts of quality time with your most private fantasies or with your partner in social distancing. We hope that you too are staying safe, healthy, strong hearted and sexy under the hood! Stay sexy! Manly hugs from all of us at Esculpta!

Is your packaging discreet?

discreet shipping

We respect your intimate privacy. All of our products are shipped in discrete and neutral packaging without any external advertising or description of contents. If required by custom forms we describe the contents as 'ornamental/costume jewelry'


What payment methods do you accept?

Our primary payment method is Paypal but this includes all major credit cards even without having a Paypal account. This is our favorite payment method and has been chosen in the interest of safety of our customers.

Secure Payments by Paypal

Purchasing online from a Paypal verified business like Esculpta is widely considered to add an additional layer of protection to your online shopping. Business transactions are monitored for fraud and you do not have to share your sensitive financial information directly with businesses you buy from.

I don't have a Paypal account. Can i still place an order with you?

Yes. At Esculpta we have a Paypal verified business account. Therefore our customers are NOT required to also to have a Paypal account to do business with us. You can use a regular credit card to checkout and the Paypal gateway without signing into Paypal.

To do this, when prompted to the Paypal site in checkout, select the link that says either "Don't have a Paypal account?" or "Pay with my credit or debit card" (depending on your region, the wording is different) Either way, signing up to Paypal is optional and you can still checkout with a common credit card.

If you are experiencing difficulty making a transaction directly from your card, we have found that Paypal will in most cases allow you to do so easily when completing the order from a tablet or phone. Our website is also responsive and optimized for these devices.

Do the displayed prices include taxes?

Yes. All displayed prices on our site include applicable sales taxes eg. VAT if applicable depending on your region. However any potential duties or customs charges that could occur upon entry to your country (subject to your local authorities) are the obligation of the buyer. From our experience however, such charges are rarely imposed and affect less than 1% of our international sales. In rare cases when duties have been applied to packages sent, charges reported to us are usually under 10%-15% of product value.

I can't see my country's currency offered on your website. Can I still place an order?

We accept several currencies at esculpta but it would not be possible to offer every single type of currency option. You can however make payment with any currency whatsoever and Paypal will automatically handle any necessary currency conversions at daily exchange rates to complete the transaction.

How can I know it's safe to purchase online from Esculpta?

We understand how important confidence and safety is for you. Shopping on the internet sometimes seems like risky stuff! There are however also a number of ways to ensure minimizing the risk of a bad experience and at Esculpta you can be completely confident of your safety for a number of reasons:

  1. Esculpta has been in business since 2003, has a registered trademark and has a sound track record and reputation with customers, financial institutions and business partners.
  2. Conducting business via a Paypal Business account also means we have been verified and transactions that take place through Paypal are monitored by Paypal.
  3. You do not need to disclose your credit card details to us. You only share your sensitive information with Paypal which offers industry leading SSL encryption during checkout, better than most credit-processing systems.
  4. Our return policy gives you the right to a full refund if your item is not exactly as it has been described or arrives in damaged condition.


Where else can I find your products?

Please check out our list of worldwide stockists and partners

Some of our partners may carry only specific items from our collection. This website however is where you will find our entire current collection.

What is the quality of your silver? Is all your jewelry made of silver?

All of our silver jewelry is made from solid 925 sterling silver. This means 92.5% (or 925/1000) purity which is internationally regarded as the optimal purity for the highest quality of jewelry. Our silver is nickel-plating free in line with EU directives. Not all of our jewelry items are made of solid silver. Some are silver plated. The material of each product can be seen in the 'ITEM SPECS' tab on each product. Finally all solid silver jewelry carries a 925 hallmark on the actual item.

What are the benefits of Esculpta's cockrings over mass-produced ones?

Numerous! We've written an article to outline the 7 benefits to expect when ordering an Esculpta cock-ring

How can I clean my silver jewelry/silver cock ring?

Esculpta's jewelry and cock rings require no additional care than other silver items you may already own. You can wash your jewelry with soap and water as long as you dry it well afterwards. A quick polish up with a soft cloth - once in a while will do wonders for keeping it sparkling new. Feel free to check out our tips on maintaining silver in tip-top condition.

What is your return policy?

In the unlikely event that the product arrives damaged or faulty, the buyer has option of refund or replacement (stock permitting). We appreciate that we are contacted within a week after receiving any such faulty or damaged goods to make appropriate arrangements.

Unless an item arrives damaged, faulty or 'not as described' we can NOT accept returns of cock rings for reasons of hygiene. This policy ensures that customers can shop with confidence knowing that orders come straight from production and aren't recycled returns!

To avoid disappointment regarding size and fit, if you are unsure of your required size, we recommend selecting an adjustable cock ring designs.

What are your terms of service?

You can view all of our terms of service regarding shopping in our store, at terms of service

Are C-Rings safe to use?

Only if used sensibly. We do not endorse their use as medical aids or medical therapy to any kind of medical condition. However if you have specific medical conditions eg. diabetes, their use should be avoided. For detailed guidelines please refer to Health and Safety with Cock Rings . When worn for physical pleasure (to restrict blood-flow with an erection) the maximum advised time-period of use is 20 minutes assuming that there aren't any signs of discomfort sooner.

I like to wear esculpta's c-rings at work for long hours as they give me an inner boost. Is it safe to wear for so long?

First please check that you have none of the medical conditions mentioned at Health and Safety with Cock Rings. For generic cock-rings it is broadly accepted that c-rings have a medically recommended maximum use of 20 mins. However this applies for generic penis-rings which are used for the sole purpose of blood-flow restriction. 

Our innovative designs are hybrid jewelry items and pleasure adornments differ a little in nature to conventional c-rings. Firstly unlike most generic penis-rings, many of our designs are size-adjustable. If loosened for comfort, these models can be worn solely for the purpose of jewelry without restricting blood-flow or pressuring the body, or deliberately adjusted for hightened sensations at will. There is no medical study we are aware of that suggests it may be any health-risk to wear a LOOSENED ring ornamentally for longer. Historic evidence suggests that men have adorned their body parts for pleasure for thousands of years. Common sense and responsible use is required and we strongly advise all of our customers in any case to remove any ring or accessory immediately in the event of any signs of discomfort or disturbance. 

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