Solid Sterling Silver mens Satyr torc necklace

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Male Capricorn Torc Necklace with silver collar
Scene: "Ancient hellenistic/roman jewelry 
Material: 925 (sterling) Silver - including the collar silver piping which is completely hand-made in our workshop.
Completely hand made with due craftsmanship and quality.
The default necklace size is made for an averagely built men.
For custom sizing please contact us
This piece is crafted with such quality to last for a lifetime, it comes with a lifetime servicing guarantee at the esculpta workshop should there ever be the need.


Inspired from the cult of Bacchus (Roman) or 'Dionysus'. Worship of the horned goat (otherwise known as a capricorn) was strongly associated to Bacchian festivities particularly at the rituals of the winter solstice through-out the civilized world. During the festivities which sometimes lasted for weeks, men would disguise themselves with horned masks, drink plenty of wine and celebrate their 'anonymity' in large groups. During the celebrations, participants would release themselves totally and give in to some of their darkest passions. Dionysus, the god of intoxication and debauchery would allegedly overlook the celebrations performed in his honor.

Most famous of all the symbol and figures of this worship is the iconic symbolism of the Satyrs who were a troop of men accompanying Pan and Dionysus. The satyrs, famous for their appearance with large extended erections were flute players that roamed the mountains and in Roman antiquity they took on a goat-like appearance with horns. The myth of the Satyrs and the pagan cult of Dionysus is where the contemporary expression 'horny devil' comes from!

Item Specs
CategoryNecklaces & Pendants
Metal925 sterling silver
WeightApprox. 90g
Inclusive Gift Pouch/BoxVelvet Case
Silver pipe (shank) thickness7mm (0.28 inches)
Artisanal disclaimerHand-made jewels can display minor variances. If any, these are signs of craftsmanship not to be confused with flaws. Variances in natural stone color may also occur (if applicable)
ManufactureArtfully hand-crafted in Greece in limited quantities exclusively for Esculpta.

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Solid Sterling Silver mens Satyr torc necklace

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