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Are you ready to engage in the ultimate battle? Support your rank and defend your medal. All will be decided with this legendary showdown. Use your tactical skills to take control of the skies. Gear-up and fly high to redeem justice.

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  • Silvertone (silver-plate on metal alloy)

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JockRing© Wing-Commander separates the super-heroes from the boys with its tactical-grade strength and 'in-battle' reliability capable to redeem justice in any protocol of combat.

Wing Commander cock ring by esculpta. The world's best cock rings

Worn either flaccid as a medal of gallantry in service or erect in cases of full combat with the intruder with great power and might, there is no field situation that Wing-Commander cannot handle.  

Wing-commander. Military inspired cock ring. JockRing the world's best cock Rings

Its time to report for duty. Guide your squadron into battle, enter full throttle and defend your honor from all impending threats. You've earned the regalia and honor, now just show'em who is the Commander.

  • FUNCTIONALITY: Wing-Commander is adjustable (custom sizable by the user) to a wide spectrum of common service-man sizes of all ranks. It is worn around the cock and balls - (base of the penis and scrotum) like most enjoyed and celebrated cock-rings. Size is set easily and intuitively by the wearer before its first use. The thick oval rubber shank integrated into all JockRing designs provides comfort, sizing simply by cutting and a firm snugly grip when worn.

JockRing Wing commander. The ultimate straight or Gay male boyfriend gift

  • COMPATIBILITY: Yes! Good news. Wing commander is compatible with all our older as well as upcoming JockRing © Add-Ons (see image below). Need even more powerful ammo? You can spice up your combat skills even more with these Add-On accessories.

JockRing Cock Ring Wing commander

Below: Fitted with 2 optional JockRing Add-ons (not included)

Optional Cock Ring Add-ons

JockRing Wing-Commander with add-ons

  • One Wing-Commander cock-ring (Top silver plated metal unit with removable rubber shank - pull firmly to unplug) 
  • A second (or spare) length of rubber to create an alternate size option.
  • A luxurious esculpta gift-case.

Imposing authority is hard work. Stand up to your duty, defend your glory and give the enemy what they came for. ORDER NOW while stocks last.

Item Specs
MetalSilver Plated Alloy
Inclusive Gift Pouch/BoxYes
Sizing StyleADJUSTABLE / self-size

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Are you ready to engage in the ultimate battle? Support your rank and defend your medal. All will be decided with this legendary showdown. Use your tactical skills to take control of the skies. Gear-up and fly high to redeem justice.

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Ready for liftoff

This is my first real Cockring (having used rubberrings before) and I have to say it is fantasic. The original rubber was too short longer wearing, but Esculpera thankfully send me longer rubbers without any further costs - Thanks for this, great customer support
The feeling of wearing is fantastic, no clamping at all.
The with is great, because it puts my testicles a litte bit away, so I allways feel it when I wear it.
The Add-ons are also great, a lot of stuff for playing around.
The design itself looks very masculine and it does not press on my peins in an unconfortable way.
So it was toally worth the money.
Also my wife loves the look of it and that we have a longer trip duration with it.

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This is the most comfortable and upscale cock ring that I have ever had! I’ve wanted the original Le Cock Ring for a few years. I’m not sure why I tried with all of the other leather and metal types. This one blows them all away! It took exactly one week to get from Greece to my front door in the middle of the U.S. Quit wasting your money on all of the other stuff. I’ll be back for sure!

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Great finish

The product has a great finish.
I found it very comfortable and it gave a nice look to my penis.
Thanks a lot!

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Work, rest and play

This is my first cock ring from Esculpta and I have to say I’m very impressed. I bought the Wing Commander ring along with the whale bone and lobster enhancers and I've been wearing the ring on it s own 24/7 for the past week. The ring comes with two pieces of rubber, I kept one of them looser for everyday wear and swap to the tighter in for play. The ring is really comfortable to wear both when going commando and with underwear; much more so than a standard metal ring and looks so much better than a plain rubber ring.

Luigi the Lobster and the Whale Bone bulge booster add a lot more fun to the mix and to be honest I initially bought these add-ons more for play than everyday wear. Luigi applies an encouraging pressure at the base of my cock and the Whale Bone supports and pushes my balls forward, they are comfortable worn with underwear (I go for C-IN2 core collection which have a generous pouch) and really give an amazing boost to my package. Worn for play they do not disappoint, my husband loves the way that the ring looks and can’t keep his hands (or mouth) off me. Many thanks Escuplta,

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This is my 4th cockring from Esculpta. Nice design and comfortable to wear all day (which I have done). Wore it several times last summer on clothing optional beaches and it got noticed!

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This is my first cockring from Esculpta and I like the look and feel. The system of size management is very efficient and I did not need the extra rubber which was included but I'm keeping it anyway in case I want to make a looser one to wear at work. I love the super-hero aesthetic and have just returned to order two of the add-ons. Thumbs up Jock ring!

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Comfortable and productive

This is my 3rd Cock ring from Esculpta and I wanted to say that I am very pleased with the shape and fit. It is particularly comfortable. The width of it is just right and doesn't get in the way of comfort at any time for me. Just one downside, there is no frontal opening clasp on this design like with the OMEN so although I managed to customize the size, on a daily basis I am finding it easier to fit it like an ordinary cockring - without the added ease of a frontal clasp featured in the OMEN. Overall 9/10

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free case

Each c-ring comes esculpta's luxury zip-up case. An ideal way to present our items as gifts and to protect your jewel when it is not being loved.

*some items due to shape may come in alternative gift packaging but of similar premium quality.