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JockRing © BOA "PRIME" + "ELITE" (with Caprice add-on)

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A glorious Penis-Ring-Bracelet handmade in silver and gold. It has boldly masculine design and a game-changing effortless dual functionality.

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220,00 €

  • PRIME (Sterling Silver 925)
  • ELITE (Sterling Silver WITH 18 K GOLD)

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Boa is the game changer because you never know how your evening may develop..

Game changing penis ring and bracelet. Why compromise on size?

Glorious Penis Ring handmade in silver and gold

BOA is effectively two jewels. It's mechanics and artistry took Esculpta's designers, 18 months, and involved 8 jewelry experts in different fields to develop and undertake its prototyping and working parts. The result is a vividly impressive object d'art with an alluring finish on the curvaceous snakeskin contours and a lavish antique-quality resonance. The peak of the heads or 'crowns' of silver and gold are inspired from the art-deco period. 

BOA glorious serpent bracelet from silver made by esculpta

BOA also comes a single answer to a design vision we've had at Esculpta for over a decade. To develop an item both aesthetic and robust in use, but also to be equipped with a spectrum of desirable features that generate new human experiences and interactions.

Innovative Snake cock ring. Penis jewelry by esculpta


The solid and heavy feel when holding it, the antique-style patina and the beautifully crafted details are all signs of this being the real deal as it contains classic old-school artisanship in its making. 


With Caprice Add-on applied

As part of the Jockring product family the DOA PRIME and ELITE is add-on-ready which means it can carry all of the JockRing add-ons,  We're including the Caprice in this launch bundle at no extra cost. Caprice is a cock-ring enhancement that serves an exciting feeling of tension and upper perineum support during playtime, or when worn under clothes it gives a bulge-boost to your pants. You can easily also wear it as a pendant conversation starter. We think it can also make a sleek addition to your wardrobe so we've added in a chord.

Caprice pendant

JockRing Elite. Silver Penisring with solid gold details


  1. 1 BOA DEBUT from Sterling Silver (OR Silver & 18K GOLD in case of the ELITE VERSION) pre-assembled and size adjusted to serve as large penis ring (about 7cm (2 ¾") of JockRing rubber component) that can be trimmed down to any size as required in a few minutes. And ready to plug and play as whatever you want it to be!
  2. PLENTY OF EXTRA BLACK JOCKRING RUBBER COMPONENT. The additonal length of rubber included is approx 33 cm (or 13") long. Thats long enough to size make approx. 4-6 penis rings depending on size or 3 XL bracelets. It is unlikely that you will ever need any more rubber component, but we're soon making it available in our store anyway as an affordable replacement part just to have you covered if you want some more.
  5. 1 CAPRICE Add-On/pendant in silvertone alloy
  6. 1 PENDANT CHORD (long) about 115cm - for Caprice - adjustable to your neck size (we recommend wearing it long).
  7. 5 YEARS of servicing is guaranteed (silver and gold parts) (If any accident or damage incurred to it is fixable, we will fix it). 
  8. All of our passion and artistry!

Boa prime

Item Specs
Metal925 sterling silver
Inclusive Gift Pouch/BoxYes
Stone typeCubic Zirconia
Sizing StyleADJUSTABLE / self-size
WashableYes. For info on 'Jewelry Care' please view our footer link

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JockRing © BOA "PRIME" + "ELITE" (with Caprice add-on)

A glorious Penis-Ring-Bracelet handmade in silver and gold. It has boldly masculine design and a game-changing effortless dual functionality.

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free case

This item comes with esculpta's luxury zip-up case. An ideal way to present as gift in or to protect your jewel when it is not being loved.

Self Sizing is as easy as 1-2-3

BOA's sizing features are all PLUG & PLAY. You pull the metal parts from the rubber with a bit of a tug, chop your rubber to size and plug the metal plugs into the rubber again - while optionally including the add-on. Its very friendly and intuitive once you are hands-on with this item but just to give you an idea, about 10cm (3.9") of rubber component is required for a large male bracelet and about 5-6 cm (2-2.4") for a regular size penis ring. Its quite hard to mess up, but we have you covered with a lot of additional rubber even if you do!

JockRung Rubber Component

  1. Try it on. You will notice that it is most likely too large for you. There's a reason for this!
  2. Remove and 'unplug' the metal part by pulling firmly the rubber part from the metal parts. 
  3. Cut the rubber shorter (using a blade knife or sharp kitchen knife) to make the rubber to your fit a little at a time and try it on again several times until JockRing makes a snug fit around your wrist or lunchbox (penis and scrotum).