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Labyrinth Harness

New product

Inside the labyrinth enclosure lived the terrible beast called the Minotaur, a half bull half man, son of the mighty king Minos and bloodthirsty for lust and carnage. Minotaur extravagganza seems happen naturally when you're wearing our first commercially available harness.

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180,00 €

  • BULGEBOOSTER PRO EDITION (plus intensifier + bulge amplifier)

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Greek minotaur men's harness

According to mythology, to quench his thirst for blood, the Minotaur demanded every 7 years, 7 young healthy men and 7 virgins maidens (females) from Athens to be sent for him to devour. It is unclear whether the 7 young men needed to be virgins too..


All the youths that were sent to satisfy the Minotaur were devoured and ravished by the fierce beast. No one who entered the labyrinth could exit ever again.


Until.. (fast track mythology) a hot courageous prince of Athens named Theseus, sailed his daddy's fleet of ships to the island of Crete to announce himself ready to dominate the Minotaur. Entering the Labirinth he left a trail of silver thread or perhaps glitter behind him..


Dressed immaculately for the occasion, Theseus found the Minotaur and slayed him with brutality and the killing became a splatter of a testosterone frenzy. With the help of his self-eminated glitter trail, he became the first person to ever come out of the labyrinth and to join the all-time alpha-male hall of fame.


Inspired by myth and archetypal symbolism and unsurfaced passions of the male psyche, this un-shy, provocative and edgy ensemble suggests that glamor-kink has a place in public as well as in private. How do YOU dress to boring cocktail parties?

slay a minotaur

We've been experimenting with our new creation and it looks sublime casually over a plain white tshirt or a loose tank-top. We also confess that we are looking forward to seeing it worn on stage dancefloors and ecclectic provocative refined appearances (tickets to the opera anyone?) 

first batch

Labyrinth is easy to adjust all lengths and elements to a couture tailored fit with a user-friendly illustrated instruction manual. Paying close attention to the illustrated instructions is recommended before cutting any parts. The reverse of the harness features the Esculpta griffon seal.

rear, reverse view


(from the boys at ESCULPTA HQ and several volunteering connoisseurs): A 'play-testing' panel revealed the following observation..

Commonly agreed that it offered some form of  "Unexpected surprise of whoopie sensation/s". This was a common sensation because apparently much body movement from regular activities transfer to the lower part and create the feeling of a weightless lift..

'Like moonwalking.. But friskier". Another interesting remark was "Walking in town it felt a bit like my own manhood was taking me out for a walk, my package walking ahead on its own and pulling the rest me on a leash" :O

harness by esculpta

#esculptafans might also find pleasing to hear that the attatched JockRing (& harness) is extremely 'add-on-compatible' with BulgeBooster ;) 

A fully size-adjustable harness consisting of:

1 Labyrinth Breast Shield (front)

1 Rear connector with Esculpta's Griffin seal insignia

1 Dedicated harness Jockring with optional detatchment. Fully size and comfort adjustable.

Pre-assembled rubber lengths at size XXL (to be cut to cut shorter following our positioning instructions)

1 Illustrated tailoring guide

A length of rubber as spare.

1 Gift Box 21cm*21cm*7cm (Inches 8¼"*8¼"*2¾")

..and all of our love!

Item Specs
MetalSilver Plated Alloy
Additional materialsDurable black rubber
Inclusive chordYes
Inclusive Gift Pouch/BoxYes
Size RangeSizable from X-SM to XXL
WashableYes. For info on 'Jewelry Care' please view our footer link

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Labyrinth Harness

Inside the labyrinth enclosure lived the terrible beast called the Minotaur, a half bull half man, son of the mighty king Minos and bloodthirsty for lust and carnage. Minotaur extravagganza seems happen naturally when you're wearing our first commercially available harness.

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New experiences

I’m a huge fan of Esculpta cock rings and wear them daily and so I was really pleased to receive their new harness as a Christmas present. The harness arrived incredibly quickly and the packaging was absolutely top notch - when you receive this package you know you are in for a treat.

Aside from the exquisite design one of the major plus points with Esculpta rings that you can size them for a perfect fit and this same ethos has been applied to the harness. The harness combines metal sections with heavy duty rubber straps which you cut to fit your body shape and this allows for a completely tailored / bespoke fit but without the expense of having something custom made. This does mean that the harness requires a little work to construct but the team at Esculpta have provided a full set of very clear instructions on how to do this. Once you’ve sorted out the sizing that’s when the fun begins.

The harness can be worn with or without the cock ring which connects to the central breast plate. As you move the harness tugs on the cock ring making you very much aware that you’ve got a hidden secret under your clothes, though I have to confess that given the level of stimulation this wasn’t always such a hidden secret as I was hard most of the time I had it on.

If you have the bulge booster attachments then you can add these onto the harness cock ring. This is an amazing combination and I was blown away by it, the feeling is very intense, the combination of the tugging to the cock ring provided by the harness coupled with the perineum stimulation from the bulge booster will get (and keep) even the most weary cock hard.

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Wow wow wow

Been wear esculpta for a few years, have a few of the sexy collection. Now this what to say...not sure words can described it. After fitting the whole harness and adding my whalebone and lobster (because they just feel so darn good) I strapped this new rig on and let me tell you. Every body movement is now attached to my cock which is more than enjoying the on going attention. This is a must got every esculpta wearer.

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Amazing piece

The most amazing piece I ever had, unique and stylish, really amazing very well done esculpta, I highly recommend this phenomenal piece

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